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Wendy, the creator and market Manager for both The
Village Farmer's Market in Saint Anthony and the 17th
Ave Market in NE Minneapolis, wanted a simple, easy
to navigate website to convey the wholesome, clean
attitude and spirit of the market.  She wanted the site
to match the tone of her logo for both markets that
were created by her artist and brother.  She was very
pleased with this second try I came up with.

Initially, with little direction besides the colors green
and brown, I designed the beginnings of a mock page
that had a fresh, trendy, Metro look to it.  This couldn't
have been farther from what she wanted had I tried to
do so.  I went back to the drawing board and came up
with what the site is today.  This was exactly what she
wanted.  I always giggle when I explain this story to
others because it is a true testament that I will try my
hardest to find a style that best suits my clients even if
it isn't something I would have chosen myself.

Take a look at the first example page